Want your WordPress categories/tags/taxonomies widget with images? Taxography gives you total control over the output of your taxonomies.

  • Taxonomy, select from all your taxonomies in a list box.
  • Title, show or hide taxonomy item title.
  • Description, show or hide the taxonomy item description.
  • Style, show as a list on inline.
  • Order, ascending or descending.
  • Orderby, count, id, slug or term group.
  • Depth, controls how many levels in the hierarchy of categories are to be included.
  • Number, sets the number of categories to display.
  • Thumbnail, show or hide the taxonomy item thumbnail.
  • Item Width, set the width of an list item in pixels.
  • Child Indent, a margin left in pixels for child item.
  • Include & Exclude, only include or exclude the selected categories.
  • Current Category, allows you to force the “current-cat” to appear on uses of wp_list_categories that are not on category archive pages.
  • Search, only for searching given categories.
  • Feed, display a link to each category’s rss-2/rss/atom/rdf feed and set the link text to display.
  • Hierarchical, set in hierarchical.
  • And more.